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Now open 7 days a week

Serving lunch and dinner

Available for parties, events, and private functions

"Amata" means "beloved"


Located in east midtown Manhattan, NYC, Amata boasts a large, splendidly-decorated room, with white linen service, sidewalk café seating, a quaint and lively bar, and a smaller intimate room for private events and functions.

AMATA is the coming-together of over 125 years of NYC-based restaurant experience and decades of friendship, represented by restauranteur Jack Dorrian, maître d' Al Serpagli, and executive chef Enzo Di Rende.


Chef Enzo DI RENDE

Chef Enzo DI RENDE

Steeped in the epitome of Italian family tradition, Enzo Di Rende—devoted husband and father of five—started his kitchen experience at age 13 working at the famous Domenick's (of Arthur Avenue in the Bronx-the real Little Italy of NYC!) with his own father who owned the restaurant.

Enzo would continue to pursue his passion and further develop his skills in the kitchen, eventually graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in 1996, and opening up his own Arthur Avenue Italian restaurant in 1999.

A long-time fan of classic traditional Italian food, Jack Dorrian became an immediate fan of Enzo's deliciously comforting dishes, and now faithfully believes his friends and neighbors here in Manhattan will make themselves happily "at home" with Enzo's superlative familial cooking as well.


Maitre d' "Big" Al SERPAGLI

Maitre d' "Big" Al SERPAGLI

Traveling back and forth since his youth from his small home farm town high up in the Alps of Northern Italy to the very heart of New York City, Al Serpagli has studied academically as well as has learned and plied a variety of skills and trades that all served to land him at the Palm Restaurant in NYC in 1976.

Al's breadth of wisdom, service industry knowledge, and friendly personality helped him become general manager at The Palm by 2002, his tenure there accounting for his wide, avid following, among them one Mr. Jack Dorrian, who early on recognized the evident talents of someone in 2012 voted as one of the Top Ten Front of House Workers in NYC.

Al's outgoing and familial character has provided him a side career as a frequent guest in a wide range of TV shows and publications, and his unique blend of personality, professionalism, and poise only add to the warm vibe and ambience of our restaurant.

At AMATA, we treat our business, our food, our traditions, and our customers, as our "beloved".


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209 East 56th St.
NYC, NY 10022

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Phone: 212.308.0830

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M-F: 12 noon - 10 pm
Sat-Sun: 4 pm - 10 pm